To Serve My People

I choose to serve my people with empathy, truth and a sense of purpose and connection to a course greater than I as we make Ife Central State Constituency, Ile-Ife and its environ a better place to live, thrive, and enjoy.
I am Honourable (Engr.) Jeremiah Abiola Awoyeye.

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My 5 Point Agenda

In my tenure as the Honourable Member, Osun State House of Assembly, representing Ife Central State Constituency. I intend to apply myself to these 5 agenda.



As your state house of Assembly member, I will propose state bills that will revamp and reform our educational sector. Some of these reformatory bills are School Enrollment Reform, Technical and Vocational Training Reform, Education Infrastructure.



I will present legislation for the State Government to provide an additional Primary Health Center in every ward, but I will also allocate a big part of the constituency projects to this. We need to improve our healthcare and invest more in this as a society.



I plan to use my position as the member representing Ife Central in the State Assembly to ensure the employment of Ife Central citizens into security agencies and mandate legislation for indigenes and constituents to police parts of the state they hail from.


Social Infrastructure

I am also proposing the construction of modern youth centers in the three areas being Iremo, Ilare and Moore that make up Ife Central state constituency. These youth centers will serve as Business and Information Technology Training Hubs for young indigenes and constituents of Ife Central to learn life skills, business skills and Information Technology Skills.


Business/Market Support

I will provide legislative reforms that will make business easier for my constituents and Osun state at large. Some of these reforms are Access to grants and credit — Create alternatives to collateral-based lending criteria, Simplify the process for obtaining a business residence permit from the State authorities, Multiple Local Taxation



Do you intend to help in any area?


Engr. Jeremiah Abiola Awoyeye

The man dedicated to serving the people of Ile-Ife.

Honourable (Engr.) Jeremiah Abiola was born in Arubidi, Ile-Ife. He attended Pearl Preparatory School and Moremi High School before studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University. He later obtained a Master of Engineering in Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems from Technological University, Dublin. During his university days, he started an affiliate marketing business which grew rapidly on campus and went on to work as a researcher for international companies after completing his Master’s degree. He has since returned to Nigeria, co-founded a real estate company called Pinbar Nigerian Limited, and invested in stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. He aims to bring quality representation to Ife Central in the State House of Assembly.

Hon. (Engr.) Jeremiah
Abiola Awoyeye

Member, Osun State House of Assembly, representing Ife Central State Constituency.

Ife Central

State Constituency

A land blessed by God, a people endowed by the Almighty.

Ife Central (Yoruba: Gbongan Ife) is a Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the city of Ile Ife to the south of the area.

It has an area of 111 km2 and a population of 167,254 at the 2006 census.

The postal code of the area is 220.

Ife Central

Osun State, Nigeria

Constituency Staff Members

Mr. Abayomi Fayenuwo

Executive Assistant to Honourable Member

Mr. Oluwatobi Oladoye

Media Assistant to Honourable Member

Mr. Olayemi Awoyemi

Media Personnel

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